Information about MediRisk

MediRisk is the largest medical liability insurance company in the Netherlands. Being in that position it is MediRisk’s ambition to contribute to a society where medical errors are virtually non-existent. As a non-profit organization governed by approximately 50% of the general hospitals in the Netherlands, MediRisk is uniquely qualified to achieve this ambition.

In addition to a strong focus on fast and accurate claim handling, MediRisk is characterized by its strong and successful focus on prevention, because we believe that every mistake is one mistake too many. The introduction of safety programs, developed by the hospitals themselves and by MediRisk, in the different departments in hospitals show a significant increase in patient safety.

We have gathered information from more than 20.000 claims since our establishment in 1992, which has given us a great insight into claims and medical errors. This vast database provides us with a great understanding of incidence rates, types, nature, preventability and impact of adverse events among hospitalized patients. 

This offers a starting point for specific interventions to improve patient safety. With this knowledge we have developed prevention programs for all our members. In addition we share this knowledge with our members and affiliates and perform audits and risk assessments. The outcome of all interventions has led to reduced numbers of medical errors and claims. For example, our OR program has proven to reduce the number of claims by 25%.

With this knowledge and the wish to share these ideas and especially the ideas and programs started by other hospitals and clinics (so called 'best practices') we started a 'knowledge base' where all these programs and ideas can be shared with members and the public.

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